Canada has much to offer business visitors. Every year, thousands of international business people flock to Canada temporarily in search of new and exciting business opportunities, for investment purposes, or to advance existing business interests and relationships. Under the Business Visitor visa, foreigners can apply to come and visit Canada to do business with world-class Canadian companies.

Under the Business Visitor visa, foreigners can apply to come and visit Canada for a short time. It allows eligible applicants to explore dynamic business opportunities, participate in trade conferences, meet with Canadian counterparts in Canada as well as experience Canadian culture and hospitality. If applicants wish to come to Canada to travel, visit attractions, enjoy leisure activities and explore business options, the Business Visitor visa is best suited for them. Although this visa does not entitle applicants to work in Canada, it does offer them the chance to experience Canada for themselves

Business Visitor Visa Basic Requirements

Applicants from designated countries require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) prior to their arrival in Canada. Applicants not from a visa-exempt country who visits Canada for business can obtain a visa under this category. In addition, all applicants must possess a valid passport, respect the terms of their entry to Canada, and ensure that they are criminally and medically admissible to enter Canada.

Business Visitors must also be prepared to document their intended business activities in Canada. Their main place of business and source of income must remain outside of Canada with all profits generally accruing outside Canada.

Business Visitor Visa Entitlements

Business Visitors are free to travel anywhere throughout Canada and visit family, and friends, and experience Canada’s many attractions. During their stay, business visitors can take part in conferences, and trade shows, meet with prospective clients, take orders, seek out lucrative business opportunities and explore their options for extending their stay in Canada. In addition, they can meet with prospective employers or recruiters and seek out employment opportunities, explore schools and educational institutions to pursue further studies, and explore options for extending their stay in Canada.