Canada seeks to foster the development of international ties and a strong and vibrant artistic and educational community. Canada has one of the most culturally diverse demographics in the world. Therefore, persons seeking to work temporarily in Canada in an exciting occupation relating to the arts, the academic or teaching sector, or research in Canada might require this cultural, academic, or research visa.

Successful applicants will be rewarded with excellent opportunities for growth, exchange, and the opportunity to work with professionals in their chosen fields. Once granted, this dynamic visa allows temporary work permit holders to work and live in Canada for a designated period of time as specified on their work permit. This visa may assist applicants in their eligibility for a Skilled Worker visa for permanent residency.

Cultural Academic or Research Visa Basic Requirements

Cultural Academic or Research Visa

In order to apply for the Cultural Academic or Research Visa, applicants must possess an offer of employment in an eligible occupation, have the required experience, and skills, and meet additional basic visa requirements. Requirements will vary from case to case according to the occupation, the offer of employment, and various other specifics. Various sub-categories of visas are outlined below.

The Workers in Film, Entertainment & Performing Arts stream allows the timely handling of applications for workers in film and entertainment. The entry of such foreign workers allows the entry of unique international talent to Canada and the support of cultural exchange.

The Foreign Academics stream allows qualified foreign academics to be employed for degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in Canada and encourages the exchange of knowledge and expertise throughout Canadian campuses.

The Academic Exchanges stream allows exchanges and mobility at the post-graduate level for persons such as Guest Lecturers, teachers, and visiting professors.

Cultural Academic or Research Visa Entitlements

once a Cultural Academic or Research visa has been issued, applicants will be allowed to live and work in Canada for a specified period of time, generally between 6 months and 2 years. Spouses and children may be eligible to work and study during their stay. While dependent on the specific job offer, it may be possible to extend the temporary work permit if they wish to continue working in Canada. A Cultural Academic or Research visa may assist applicants towards permanent residence and may be processed in tandem with a permanent residency application, which could allow applicants to stay in Canada once the application has been approved.