Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s novel Post-Graduation Work visa provides eligible foreign students graduating from a participating post-secondary Canadian institution with the thrilling opportunity to gain Canadian work experience related to their field of studies.

Once granted, work permit holders can gain Canadian experience and put their recently gained knowledge to use in the Canadian labor market. They may also be eligible for the new Canadian Experience Class program for permanent residence. A work permit under the Post-Graduation Work visa is granted for the duration equating to the length of a student’s study program, or up to three years, depending on the program.

Post-Graduation Work Visa Basic Requirements

To be eligible for a work permit under this program, applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Possess a valid study permit;
  • Have studied full-time and maintained satisfactory academic standing in their program of study at a participating institution for at least eight months preceding their application for a post-graduation work visa;
  • Have graduated from an eligible institution and have applied for a work permit within 90 days of receiving confirmation of meeting the requirements for completing the requirements for the program;
  • Have applied for the off-campus work permit program at a participating institution; and
  • Continue to fulfill the terms and conditions of their study permit and work permit, if applicable.

Applicants from non-eligible Canadian institutions cannot participate in this program.


Post-Graduation Work Visa Entitlements

Once a Post-Graduation Work visa has been issued, applicants will be allowed to live and work in Canada for a specified period of time, generally between 8 months and 3 years. Their spouse and children may be eligible to work and study during their stay. While dependent on the specific job offer, it may be possible to extend the visa if they wish to continue working in Canada.

A Post-Graduation Employment visa may assist applicants towards permanent residence and may be processed at the same time as a permanent residency application, which could allow applicants the opportunity to stay in Canada once the application has been approved.