The Canadian Yukon Nominee Program Visa was developed to allow the Government of Yukon to nominate potential immigrants who are deemed to have a strong likelihood of successfully establishing themselves in the territory of Yukon based on industrial and economic priorities and labor market conditions. Nominated individuals together with their spouse/partner and dependent children are eligible to apply, with expedited processing, for a permanent resident visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Approved nominees will be nominated for permanent residency and a letter of recommendation will be issued for use by the nominee to obtain a temporary work permit if needed, thereby facilitating temporary entry to Canada while the permanent residence application is processing.

Yukon Nominee Program Visa Basic Requirements

The program is intended to assist Yukon employers with critical labor shortages that cannot be filled by local residents. The program is designed to increase the labor pool for entry-level jobs in the hospitality and service sector, in an effort to address the critical need of semi-skilled workers in Yukon.

To qualify for the Yukon Skilled Worker/Critical Impact Worker Program, the offer of employment must be for a permanent full-time position, be in a trade or skill that usually requires secondary school and/or occupation-specific training or on-the-job training. In addition, it must meet the minimum requirements of territorial labor standards and must provide a comparable industry rate of pay.

The nominee must have a temporary work permit and have worked in the position for six months or obtain at least 45 points or higher on the Pre-Assessment, have sufficient financial support or settlement supports in Yukon, have the required work experience for the specific occupation, and be able to conduct basic communications in either English or French, depending on the official language of the workplace


Yukon Nominee Program Visa Entitlements

Candidates who are nominated under a Yukon Nominee Program visa can immediately apply for a Canadian work permit and are eligible to submit an application for permanent residence to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. An applicant’s spouse and any dependent children are also eligible to immigrate provided they meet the Canadian immigration requirements.

Additional benefits of Canadian permanent residence include access to government-subsidized education and state-of-the-art healthcare (Medicare), as well as unrestricted access to Canada’s labor market and its associated insurance and pension benefits. Permanent residents also have the ability to apply for Canadian citizenship and the opportunity to sponsor family members to join them in Canada.